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What Is The Difference Between The Automobile Bearing And The Industrial Bearing?

- Dec 24, 2017 -

The design specifically for the skateboard bearings and bearing industry although the dimensions, but the two working environment is huge, so need to meet the performance too far. Industrial bearings are generally in the high speed stable and no vibration environment clean work (mostly in motor), and skateboard bearing working environment is in the outdoor, outdoor dust, water, ground bounce users huge impact to the bearing force, there are a lot of sideslip brought by lateral torsion, the skateboard bearings must overcome these bad working environment, which is completely unable to meet industrial bearing slide demand.

A standard data \ \ industrial bearing is ABEC, 1, 3, ABEC system consists of 5, 7, 9. The higher the grade, the smaller the tolerance, the more precise the bearing. The bearings of high precision and small tolerance are mainly used for high speed motor, such as the copying machine of cutting skateboard, which runs from 20 thousand to 30 thousand per minute. This type of application of the bearing, the accuracy of the ABEC7-9 level is more appropriate. However, the 54 millimeter skateboard will reach 127 miles per hour (about 203 kilometers per hour) at 20 thousand RPM speeds per minute! Because the speed of all skateboards is 30 miles per hour (50 kilometers), which is equivalent to 4700 speed per minute, but in fact most skating is below 2000 rpm. For this reason, the skateboard bearings do not need to use high precision motor bearings. So the precision of the sliding plate bearing is enough to do -7, and the accuracy of lifting the sliding plate bearing is meaningless to the user.

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