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The Influence Of The Cleanliness Of The Bearing On The Bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

Due to the relative movement of rolling body and raceway and the invasion of contaminant and dust, the rolling body and rolling body and raceway surface wear out. When the wear volume is large, the bearing, noise and vibration increase, and the running accuracy of bearing is reduced. Therefore, the daily maintenance of some static machines is mainly to prevent the intrusion of the dust.

1. Influence of bearing life

The cleanliness of bearings has great influence on the life of roller bearing. The bearings have been specially tested for this purpose, and the results are more than several times. The higher the cleanliness of the bearing is, the longer the life is. Some tests show that the oil with different cleanliness has a great influence on the oil ball. Therefore, improving the cleanliness of the lubricating oil can extend the life of the bearing. Besides, if the lubricating oil containing dirt particles is controlled below 100m, the life of the bearing is also increasing.

The effect of 2. on vibration and noise

The test results of the bearing test center show that the cleanliness seriously affects the vibration level of the bearing, especially the vibration of the high bottle belt.

The high cleaning speed of the bearing is low, especially in the high bottle belt. The more noise the dust in the grease of the needle roller bearing is, the greater the noise.

3, the influence of the cleanliness of the bearing on the lubrication performance will not only affect the formation of the lubricant film, but also cause the deterioration of the grease and accelerate its aging, thus affecting the lubrication performance of the grease.

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