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Selection Of Bearing Type

- Dec 24, 2017 -

1. The direction, size and properties of the load

All centripetal bearings can bear radial load; all thrust bearings can bear axial load; at the same time, radial and axial loads (combined loads) can be used for angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.

The size of the load is usually determined by the size of the bearing. The larger the size of the bearing, the greater the load it can bear. The bearing capacity of the general roller bearing is greater than that of the same size. The full roller bearing can bear heavier loads than the bearing with the corresponding cage. Therefore, the ball bearings are mostly used for medium or small loads; the roller bearings are generally more suitable in the case of heavy load and large shaft diameter.

Angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings need to be installed in pairs.

The overturning moment is produced when the load is not acted on the center of the bearing. In this case, the best use of the double row bearings (such as double deep groove ball bearings or double row angular contact ball bearings, etc.) can also be used in face-to-face or back-to-back pair of single row angular contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearing, the bearing capacity of back-to-back generally higher.

2. Speed

The working speed of the general bearing should be lower than the limit speed listed in the bearing type table. Deep groove ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing have high speed limit. It is suitable for high speed operation. The ultimate speed of the thrust bearing is low.

3, support limit requirement

A shaft or other component of a rotating machinery, usually supported by a fixed end bearing and a floating end bearing. The bearing can bear bidirectional axial load, axial displacement of two directions can be used as a fixed supporting limit; bearings can withstand axial load of single direction can be one-way limiting support; floating support does not limit, can choose radial bearing inner ring and the outer ring can not be separated in the bearing base hole can be cylindrical swimming. The roller bearing inner ring and the outer ring can be separated, the inner and outer rings can be relatively moving.

4. Heart regulating performance

Due to various reasons can not guarantee two possible bearing hole concentricity or shaft deflection, should be used in aligning the good performance of the self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearing, spherical roller thrust bearings and CARB bearings (the selection of delivery note), these bearings can withstand produced under load angle error, initial the error compensation can caused by manufacturing or installation errors.

The deep groove ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing can not bear any angle error.

5, stiffness requirement

The stiffness of the rolling bearing refers to the degree of elastic deformation of the bearing under the action of the load. This kind of deformation is generally very small and can be ignored. However, in some applications, such as the bearing of the spindle of a machine tool or the bearing of a small gear, the stiffness is very important.

The stiffness of the general roller bearing is large and the stiffness of the ball bearing is small. The angle contact ball bearing and the tapered roller bearing can improve the stiffness of the bearing by adopting the pretightening method.

6. Other

In the case of restricted radial space, needle roller bearings or needle rollers and cage assemblies can be selected. Low noise deep groove ball bearings can be selected for occasions where bearing vibration and noise are required. For bearings with high rotation precision (such as machine tool spindle) and working conditions applied to high speed, the bearings with higher precision than the ordinary grade should be selected.

Finally, it is also stressed that the selection of bearing types should also take into account the economic and market supply.

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