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Reasons For The Defect Of Agricultural Bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

(1) the surface of the agricultural machinery bearing and the rotating shaft, such as the bushing, the sliding bearing, and the inner wall holes are not allowed.

(2)The surface fitting, installation of rolling gear shaft and the pulley, check the surface with a diameter of less than the minimum allowable width and depth is less than 1/20 in diameter (diameter) of digital 1/4, not more than 3 holes, hole spacing and edge distance should not be less than the hole diameter was found (maximum) 5 times. The diameter of the hole is contracted in a range of meters.

(3)The sealing surface of the mating surface between the begue parts, allowing a minimum width of not less than the diameter of the articular surface of 1/20

(4)The supporting surface, the bearing plate, the sealing requirement of the non contact surface working device based on the block shell, and so on, with a diameter not greater than the minimum allowable width.

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