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How To Maintain The Automotive Bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

The maintenance method of automobile bearing:

1, vehicles should work within the rated load range. If serious overload causes direct bearing overload, it will cause early failure of bearings, and more serious is vehicle failure and personal safety accidents.

2, the shaft is forbidden to bear the abnormal impact load.

3, check the use of the bearing regularly, pay attention to the observation of the abnormal sound of the bearing and the phenomenon of local sharp temperature rise.

4, lubricate oil or grease regularly and quantitatively as required;

5. According to the use of the vehicle, at least once every half a year to replace a complete lubricating oil, and the bearing is carefully checked;

6, under the condition of bearing maintenance inspection: the disassembly of the bearing under the kerosene or gasoline clean, carefully observe the inner and outer cylindrical surface of the bearing is a sliding or creeping phenomenon, bearing inner raceway surface without spalling, pitting, rolling body and cage for wear and deformation, according to the overall situation of the bearing check whether to continue to use, the judgment of the bearings.

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