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How To Identify The Bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

In general, the regular manufacturers of brand has its own dedicated external packaging designers to design, and arrange for clearance of the plant production conditions of production, therefore, the packing of the products should be both from the line to the color is very clear and unambiguous.

The words are clear:

Each bearing product will have its brand name, label, etc. on the bearing product body. Although the font is very small, but the regular manufacturers of products have adopted the stamping technology in printing, and without heat treatment is carried out before the embossing, so the font is small, but the concave too deep, very clear. Generally speaking, the font of counterfeit products is not only vague, but because of the rough printing technology, the font is floating on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or hand traces are serious.

Whether there is a miscellaneous noise:

The left hand holds the sleeve of the bearing body, and the right hand moves the coat to make it rotate. Because most of the production conditions of counterfeit products are backward and entirely manual workshop operation, in the production process, the impurities in the bearing body will inevitably be mixed with dust and sand, so there will be miscellaneous noise or unsmooth running when the bearing rotates. This is the key to judging whether a product comes from a strict production standard and is operated by a regular manufacturer with a machine.

Whether there are muddy surface stains:

The surface is cloudy stain which we should pay special attention to in the purchase of imported bearings. Because of the current anti rust technology and foreign advanced manufacturing country there is a certain gap, so the bearing body for rust prevention processing is easy to leave a thick grease, touch feel sticky, and the bearing of foreign imported almost do not see any traces of rust preventive oil.  According to the personage of the industry, the very careful people can smell a special flavor on the imported bearings, which is the taste of the rust proof oil.

Whether the chamfering is uniform:

The so-called bearing chamfer, that is horizontal and the vertical surface junction, counterfeit products bearing due to the constraints of production technology, processing is not so satisfactory in these corners of the site, which we can easily identify the.

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