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How To Clean The Bearings Correctly

- Dec 24, 2017 -

The maintenance and maintenance work of bearings is also important. In maintenance work, technicians will have a link to clean bearings, and don't belittle the links of bearing cleaning. If a little carelessness occurs, it may cause damage and abrasion or corrosion to bearings. In order to avoid the loss in the process of cleaning the bearings, give you some correct methods and suggestions.

1. When the imported bearings are removed and checked, the appearance records are done with photography and other methods.

2. In addition, we should confirm the amount of the remaining lubricants and sample the lubricants, and then clean the bearings.

3, the cleaning of the bearing is carried out in the rough and fine washing, and the metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the container used.

1), in the rough washing, use the brush to clear the grease or the adhesive in the oil. At this time, if the bearings are rotated in the oil, it will be noted that the rolling surface will be damaged by the foreign objects.

2) when cleaning, the bearing is slowly rotated in the oil, and it must be carried out carefully.

4, the usual cleaning agent is neutral and non hydrated diesel or kerosene, and sometimes the temperature alkaline solution is used according to the need. No matter which kind of detergent is used, it should be regularly filtered to keep clean.

5. After cleaning, the antirust oil or antirust grease is coated on the imported bearing immediately.

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