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Why selection of three layers seal for agricultural bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

Agricultural machinery bearings seals can be used if reliable, agricultural machinery bearings so we should pay attention to the influence of many factors, the first is the type of lubrication seals used are reasonable; non standard bearing seal is used and the bearing body together, so if the bearing strong pressure or harsh conditions. Then the seal can also be affected by the same influence, because the bearing body compressive capacity than the seal is much stronger, but once the seal is broken, then the whole bearing also can not be used.

The second factor is that the sealing surface of the sliding speed, rolling bearing with rolling roller will allow the performance in bearing, but attached to both sides of the bearing seal is also to account for a certain gap, its role is to protect the bearing body erosion from water or iron, so it will follow the bearing body to rotate together, in the the role of lubricant under seal if the sliding speed is not enough, and the body will lead to friction, reduce agricultural bearing life.

The third factor is that the seal installation methods of vertical or horizontal, vertical and horizontal installation seal installation is not comparable, because in different situations for the vertical installation and installation level of choice has different requirements, choose the vertical seal installation environment generally is not easy to damage the non-standard bearings, and horizontal installation because the manufacturing difficulty slightly larger, less demanding on the environment, good abrasion resistance, so either horizontal or vertical, its impact on the performance of the bearing body is not great. The seal has the same function as the sealing cap, but it can be disassembled, so it can't be compared with the seal when applied and durability.

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