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Troubleshooting of sealing failure of bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

Seal is very important for bearing. If there is a problem in the sealing part, it will cause great influence on the bearing, such as irregular shape, lack of meat and tiny cracks.

The bearing seal test is the assessment of the assembly and working reliability of the assembly and connection of the oil cylinder. For example, the seal and connection of the cylinder bore, the piston of the oil cylinder (with the rod cavity and the rod free chamber), the static seal and the sealing condition.

The pressure of bearing seal test is very great. Especially for the pressure test without rod cavity, if there is no tooling to bear, the pressure on the piston rod can be greatly reduced by the pressure test without rod, and it will be absolutely impossible if it is subjected to the connection of the cylinder port only by piston. Therefore, this kind of test pressure is usually carried out in the commissioning stage of the assembly after the oil cylinder is carefully assembled.

Improper assembly method of A.

The interference of bearing and shaft diameter or bearing seat hole is relatively small, and the pressure entry method is used for assembly. The easiest way is to use the bar and the hammer, in order to beat a symmetrical seat bearing with interference fit, the bearing is pressed into the well. In addition, also available soft metal casing or press press hammer into borrow. If the improper operation, will make the seat deformation cracking, or the hammer hit in the non interference fit seat, will make the raceway and rolling body indentation or bearing indirect damage.

Improper temperature control in B. assembly

When the bearing is assembled, it is usually assembled by hot loading if its diameter is too large. The bearing will be put into the oil tank filled with oil. The oil tank is heated by hot water or flame. The heating temperature should be controlled at 80 ~90 C, which will not exceed 100 C, and it will not exceed 120 C at most. When the bearing is heated, the suit is quickly taken out on the neck of the shaft. If the temperature is not controlled properly, the heating temperature will be too high, which will cause the backfire to cause the hardness decrease, and the bearing will wear, peel and even crack in operation.

Improper adjustment of C. assembly time gap

The clearance of rolling bearing is divided into radial clearance and axial gap. The function of the rolling bearing is to ensure the normal operation and lubrication of the roller and compensate the heat elongation.

The bearing clearance can be adjusted, because the relationship has a direct proportion between the axial gap and radial gap, so the installation is good as long as the adjustment of the axial clearance can obtain radial clearance required, and they are generally used in pairs (that is, in the two ends of the shaft or end, therefore, the axial clearance can) only need to adjust a bearing. The axial clearance is usually adjusted by the gasket, and some can be adjusted by screw or thrust ring.


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