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Three recognition methods for bearing failure

- Dec 24, 2017 -

Bearing as a precision part of machinery and equipment, how to improve productivity in factories, first of all, the performance of mechanical equipment must be the best, and the most important relationship with the performance and usage of machinery and equipment is bearing. Therefore, in the process of production, the factory must have a good inspection of the bearings in the mechanical equipment. The following are the three major identification methods of bearing failure, and hope to be helpful to all of us.

1. Recognize through sound

It takes a lot of experience to recognize the sound through the sound. It must be fully trained to recognize the sound of the bearing and the non bearing sound. To this end, we should try our best to carry out this work. The sound of the bearing can be heard clearly on the shell with a listener or a sound stick.

2. Identify by working temperature

This method belongs to the method of comparative identification, which is only used in situations where the running state is not very changing. To this end, a continuous record of the temperature must be carried out. When the failure occurs, the temperature will not only increase, but also the irregular change will occur. The method is suitable for the sound recognition method.

3. Identify through the state of lubricants

The sample and analysis of the lubricant can be judged by the degree of its fouling, whether it is mixed with the foreign body or the metal powder. This method is particularly effective for bearings or large bearings that are not close to the observation.

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