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The inspection of the cracks in the agricultural bearing from two aspects

- Dec 24, 2017 -

Agricultural machinery bearing is the consistent purpose of high efficiency, high energy consumption and high life design and mass production. The elaborate design has won many users. A fatigue crack caused by overuse in a high temperature bearing but after being overused. Below we check the mechanical bearing cracks from two aspects.

First, and on the surface, this is because the change of bearing surface periodic load effect on the external plastic deformation and strain caused by the work of agricultural machinery is in rolling contact process, the final small cracks appeared on the inner surface of agricultural machinery, the bearing is formed on the surface, the two Chi, because the lubricant related operation work on the surface of both agricultural bearings bad, and transferred into the equipment operation, causing a greater loss.

Second, from the internal point of view, in the repeated operation of mechanical bearing farm work under pressure, contact friction, caused by the severe wear surface exposed surface area will see a deep rift, and from surface to depth, if this phenomenon must be ready to replace to ensure good operation of agricultural equipment.

The design of mechanical bearings is designed to reduce friction and wear. In the construction of bearings, ring plays an important role. He can also wear it. The bearing ruptured agricultural mechanical bearings that protect our agriculture are short of life. The same machine is easy to roll bearing fatigue life bearings, bearing surface can expand our agricultural bearings, and also determine the life of the life.

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