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The agricultural mechanical bearing industry is in a balanced growth in China

- Dec 24, 2017 -

With the development of the market, the demand for precision agricultural machinery bearing products, performance, life and variety is also increasing. It is not satisfied with the requirements of general agricultural machinery bearings, high-precision steering, low noise and long life demand. Although the development of agricultural machinery bearing industry has been improved, the industry still has a large gap compared with the world's agricultural machinery bearing industrial power. The main performance of high-precision agricultural machinery bearings is high, and high value-added products are mainly low. It is reflected in the market that our demand for high - quality agricultural machinery bearings depends on imports. "

Now, a lot of agricultural machinery bearings enterprise reform, through a series of independent innovation, the technical level and reliability, the stability of agricultural bearing industry to a certain extent, and in the sales process in the future, an important supporting market will still control in the hands of the enterprise; domestic demand growth is slowing in the positive pulling effect, international trade, electric tools agricultural machinery bearings market will turn to domestic enterprises, the import of agricultural machinery bearings development will decline.

This year is the pressure of the development opportunity coexistence of the agricultural machinery bearing industry for one year. Throughout the domestic market, the uncertainty of last year's economic operation has brought new challenges to the agricultural machinery bearing industry and brought new opportunities. China will continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction. Agricultural machinery bearing steel, automobile and household appliance industry is also facing new opportunities for development. Meanwhile, with the improvement of living standards, the development of automobile industry will lead to the development of automotive agricultural machinery bearings. The future demand will be the stable growth situation of the agricultural machinery bearing, and the agricultural machinery bearing industry will continue to develop in a period of time. Hardware city many farm machinery bearing distributors to seize the current opportunity, relying on the hardware city radiation force of the platform, with more complete varieties, quality, price advantage to seize the market both at home and abroad, to further improve the quality of agricultural machine market share.

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