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Method of improving the actual matching precision of bearing

- Dec 24, 2017 -

In order to improve the actual bearing fit precision during installation, must use the measurement methods and tools do not make the bearing deformation, precision measurement of the bearing inner hole and the outer circle with the surface of the actual size, the measurement items related to the inner and outer diameters of all be measured, and made a comprehensive Analysis on the measured data, the according to the bearing precision matching shaft and hole mounting parts size. When measuring the size and geometry of the shaft and the seat hole in the actual measurement, it should be carried out in the same temperature condition as the bearing of the measuring bearing.

In order to ensure a higher actual matching effect, the roughness of the surface of the shaft and the bearing with the bearing should be as small as possible. In the measurement, should be in the outer circle and the inner hole of the conical roller bearing, and the corresponding surface of shaft and hole on both sides in the near assembly chamfer, respectively to two groups can show the maximum deviation direction mark, so that in the actual assembly, so that the maximum deviation match two party at the same in this range, after the assembly, both of deviation to partially offset.

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