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- Sep 17, 2018 -


1.1  Lubrication of rolling bearings

The purpose of bearing lubrication is to prevent direct metallic contact between the various rolling and sliding elements. This is accomplished through the formation of oil or grease film on the contact surfaces. However, for rolling bearings, lubrication has the following advantages:


(1) Friction and wear reduction

(2) Friction heat dissipation

(3) Prolonged bearing life

(4) Prevention of rust

(5) Protection against harmful elements


In order to achieve the above effects, the most effective lubrication method for the operating conditions must be selected. Also a good quality, reliable lubricant must be selected. In addition, an effectively designed sealing system that prevents the intrusion of damaging elements ( dust, dirt and water, etc. ) into the bearing interior, removes other impurities from the lubricant, and prevents lubricant from leaking to the outside, to be also a requirement.


2.1  Grease lubrication

Grease lubricants are relatively easy to handle require only the simplest sealing devices. For these reasons, grease is the most widely used lubricant for rolling bearings.


2.2.1   Types and characteristics of greases

Lubricating greases are composed of either a mineral base or a synthetic oil base. To this base a thickener and other additives are added. The properties of all greases are mainly determined by the kind of base oil use the combination of thickening agent and various additives.


Standard greases and their characteristics are quite important. As performance characteristics of even same type of grease will vary widely choose, it is better to check the catalogue data when selecting a grease.


The standard grease selection of BYWB Ball Bearings are:

  (1)Alvania S2: -25℃---  +120℃

  (2)Multemp SRL : -40℃---  +150℃

Please also refer to our BYWB engineer   for more reference.


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