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How To Use Bearing Puller

- Oct 22, 2018 -

How to Use a Bearing Puller


Bearing Puller




If you want to change the bearings on your car, you will need a wheel bearing puller. This tool is vital to the correct removal of the bearings, which is not very difficult. If you have never used a wheel bearing puller before, then you can follow a few simple steps to get the best from your bearing change.

Step 1 - Prepare the Wheel Bearing Hub

Take your rag, and clean the wheel bearing hub. You will need to remove the wheel, and then extract the hub. Clean out the hub, making sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. This will make sure that the bearing puller can get a good grip when extracting the bearings.

Step 2 - Using the Bearing Puller

Take out the bearing tool, and extend it so that it can reach the back of the bearing hub. You should have three arms, looking rather like a three-armed spider. Push the arms together, and pull it into the bearing hub. The arms should then grasp the back of the bearing, known as the race. Tighten the center of the bearing puller, pulling the arms as you do so. You can then pull the arm towards you until the bearing comes out of the hub.


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