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How To Mounting Of Bearing Units On Shaft

- Sep 17, 2018 -

How to Mounting of Bearing Units on Shaft

The bearing units can be easily installed in principle at any place. However, in order to have a long service life, it is desirable that the mounting base if flat and rigid.

In case of either the vibration is caused to the bearing, the alternating movement takes place, the load applied to the bearing is large, or the shaft  rotation speed is rapid, it is desired to provide with the filed seat or concave section at the part where the set-screws contact with the shaft. I f large  thrust  load is charged, it is recommended  that joggling tightened with nuts be used to install the bearing most effectively to the shaft: As shown in Fig 1.1.

BYWB agro bearing.jpg

1.1 Bearings units with adapter sleeve

Bearing unit with   adapter   sleeve  permits   wider  shaft  tolerance   and  can   be   used   in   applications   where vibrations and shocks are heavy.

Mounting processes of these units are as follows:

First, the  sleeve  is  installed  to an arbitrary position. After the shark proof washer is inserted, the nut is tightened. The proper nut tightening condition can be obtained if it is tightened enough by hand and then rotated by 2/5 to 3/5 revolution with a spanner.

After tightening the nut, bend the  shark proof washer  within  the  slot.  Otherwise, the nut may be loosened and creep may be caused  between the shaft and sleeve. It is necessary the nut  can not be  tightened  too much.

2.1 Bearings units with eccentric locking collar

The eccentric part of the collar mates with the  inner  ring  of  the bearing  which is made eccentric with the collar. When locked to the shaft by hand in direction of the shaft rotation, the eccentric locking collar tightens automatically  to the shaft by force of working radial load. Then, lock the set-screws provided on the collar to fix the eccentric collar to the shaft. At the shaft rotation force or load is not charged on the set-screws directly, it will not loosen during operation.

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