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ATV Wheel Bearing Disasembly And Reassembly Guide

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Replace The Front Wheel Bearings On Your ATV 

Here’s a how to on tearing down and repacking wheel bearings for 96 - some ’04 models. This may also apply to newer models, but I’m not sure of the difference in the newer bearings. I took the pics after I took the bearings apart and cleaned them for clarity of the pictures.

1. I used a screwdriver to remove the outer seal. Be careful and make sure you get the driver under the outer edge of the seal to prevent damaging it. (Fig 1)
2. Next remove the rear seal. (Fig. 2)
3. (Fig. 3) shows all the parts of the bearing. There are two sides to the bearing.
4. I used a pick to separate the inner race from the cage (Fig. 4).

5. Once the inner race snaps out of the cage, lift it out (Fig. 5).This allows the cage to be removed (Fig. 6).

6. Flip the knuckle over and repeat step 4 for the inner half of the bearing.
7. Now that all the parts are out, go ahead and clean all the old grease off. 
8. Next, pack the cage and ball bearings with grease. I used Lucas Red n’ Tacky. Put the cage back in (Fig. 7).
9. Grease up the inner race and snap it back in place. Add some extra grease between the inner and outer race. (Fig. 8)
10. Put some grease on the outside of the seal and reinstall it. Make sure the edge of the seal is flush with the edge of the housing. (Fig. 9)
11. Repeat steps 7-9 for the other side of the bearing. Reinstall the hub and you’re done.

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Wheel bearing 8.jpg

Wheel bearing 9.jpg

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